3. snapshot of the window set.

  4. arrangement of…..

  5. It’s all in the bra.

  6. Can my photography be called photography? 

  7. The wall and the light.

  9. beautiful head statue @millenniumpark by artist #JaumePlensa 

  10. When I spot pretty things I press the shutter. 

    @millenniumpark For the #annualJazzFestival 

  11. Plying with my baby aka my camera before heading out to this jazz festival.   

  12. I did these shots a while ago but never did anything with them.

  13. Photographing in color. Some people love photographing people, I love capturing nature. 

    taken while on my way to James island. 


  14. While I was on Vacation. Love taking photos of scenery. 

  15. urban-eskimo:

    Bubbles of Light